The Fourth Feathers Youth and Community Centre

Outstanding facilities for fun, quiet spaces for work.


The Fourth Feathers Youth & Community Centre offers a wealth of opportunities for young people living in Marylebone and the surrounding areas. The Centre provides a range of activities and fully trained staff as well as being a welcoming and secure place for young people to meet others and enjoy time out.

‘There are so many activities at the Club. Every day is different’.

When we asked some of our young members why they liked the Fourth they gave a whole lot of different reasons ranging from the type of activities like cooking, knitting, trampolining or dancing to how they support each other and can make new friends. One member said ‘it makes you confident so it’s easier to make friends outside’. Another said, ‘we are all equals’. 


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The funds raised by The Feathers Charity Balls go back to youth projects across London. We know how important young people’s social lives are and through the success of the Feathers Charity Balls we generate funds to support better lives for young people in London.