Our History

From A Royal Past To A Shared Future

New Thinking, Focused Action

Although times have changed, some issues continue to challenge us. The wellbeing of young people in London is one such issue.

The Feathers Association, originally entitled The Feathers Clubs Association, was founded in 1934 by Mrs Freda Dudley Ward.  At that time she was a great friend of the Prince of Wales who in 1936 became King Edward VIII, before abdicating that same year to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson.

Mrs Freda Dudley Ward was reputed to have set up the Association at the behest of the Prince of Wales, who allowed his crest of the three feathers to be used as the insignia of the Association from which the name of the charity derives.  Mrs Dudley Ward later remarried to become the Marquesa de Casa Maury and remained involved with the Association for nearly 50 years.

Initially formed to aid those suffering in the Depression of the 1930s, the Feathers Association moved into youth and community work after the Second World War.