About Us

Funding Youth Projects Across London.

Creating opportunities, serving communities.

We have been generating funds for young people in London for over eighty years.

“We see young people’s futures as the most important issue of our time.” Sandra Wagg, Trustee and Chairman of The Feathers Association

The principal objective of The Feathers Association is to provide opportunities for children and young people in London to develop in a positive way through informal education, sporting, cultural and recreational activities which the charity has provided since 1934.

Our aim is to enable young people to cope more effectively with the transition from adolescence to adulthood and to enable young people to understand and act on personal, social and political issues which affect their lives, the lives of others and the communities of which they form a part.

Our vision

London – a city where all children and teenagers can achieve their potential.

We believe it is important to increase the ability of young people to identify, advocate and pursue their rights and responsibilities as individual citizens, as well as develop their capabilities – physical, intellectual, moral, social and emotional.

The Trustees

The Feathers Association has a board of Trustees who meet at quarterly intervals during the year, where it sets the policy and grant-making guidelines, reviews the performance of the charity against those guidelines, and monitors the financial outcomes of the charity

The Lady Arbuthnot

Donal Brennan

Helena Coles

Richard Haw


Arnold Lustman

Rachel Rand (Treasurer)

Kenneth Ridley OBE

Sandra Wagg (Chairman)


Get Involved

Become a Trustee

Trustees play a vital role in ensuring The Feathers Association meets its ambitious goals.

Upon appointment Trustees receive an induction pack, which includes a role description, the roles and responsibilities of a charity trustee, background information on the charity, the statutory accounts and any other relevant information. Training is offered externally.

Although Trustees give their time freely and no Trustee remuneration is paid, the role offers individuals experience and an opportunity to work with an active team in an area that makes a strong contribution to London’s youth.

Trustees are required to disclose all relevant interests and register them with the Chairman and withdraw from decisions where a conflict of interest arises.