Grant Giving


Giving Grants to Youth Projects Across London

Supporting new projects and nurturing great ideas.


We have been generating funds for young people in London for over eighty years.

The Feathers Association re-established its grant-giving mission in 2018 to give funds across a wide range of youth charities and projects across London. Each application is considered by the Trustees at one of the four meetings each year. There are no set financial limits however grants tend to be in the region of £2,500 – £10,000. We require an application to be made with evidence of success in the field of expertise and clearly setting out the aims and objectives of the organisation or project. The grant will be given full consideration and relevant information and supporting material allows Trustees to gain a good understanding of the applicant and the requirement and impact of funding. We may also wish to visit the organisation or project and to meet the leadership team.


Grant Giving Policy

The Feathers Association gives grants to provide assistance for youth and community work and to support education for the benefit young people, normally up to the age of 18. Our individual grants do not normally exceed £10,000 and are usually one-off investments and not for the purpose of regular or on-going funding.

Geographical Focus

The Feathers Association directs grants to UK registered charities which operate in London.

Grant Programmes

Charitable funding is mainly focussed on projects in the following sectors:

• Education – homework clubs/pupil support with special educational needs
• Community Development – outreach work
• Youth Activities – activities for young people aged 7+ outside the school setting
• Core Costs – we recognise that core costs are incurred in the delivery of good services and we are willing to make a general contribution to the core funding of an organisation specifically with young people in the Charity’s beneficial area
• Direct Project Costs – costs associated with the direct delivery of specific projects.


Grants are not generally made to the following:

• Charities that have been in existence for less than three years
• Charities with insufficient reserves (minimum 12 months of reserves cover for operating costs)
• Political or sectarian organisations
• Individuals
• General Appeals and circular letters.

Further Guidance

Grants will not normally cover the entire cost of the project. We see an organisation’s ability to attract support from a broad range of funders as a key sign of its strength and sustainability. Grants are usually one-off investments.

How we assess an applicant

Applicants should follow our guidelines when making a request for a grant and all required information should be contained in our form. Annual reports and supplementary material can be attached. Beyond our basic grant guidelines, we review the organisation to determine whether our investment can add value. Among the factors we consider are the organisation’s financial health, the strength of its management team and board, and the quality of its strategic and operational plans.

A visit may be made by a Trustee or the Administrator of The Feathers Association as well as speaking to a senior representative of the charity applying for funding.

How to Apply

Please complete the Application Form which can be posted/e-mailed to you or is available on the website below here. Decisions are made four times a year in January, April, July and November.


Once a grant payment is agreed, you will be asked to submit the following:

1. a financial and narrative progress report to include an evaluation against the expected impact and outcomes stated in the application form
2. an end-of-project report and closing budget at the finish of the funding period
3. any newsletters and promotional material
4. the latest copy of the charity’s annual report and accounts with a covering letter from your Chairman or Chief Executive.

For more information or to ask questions relating to the application please contact Mrs Stephanie Hallin by email or call 020 7723 9167